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We want to make games that can be picked up, put down, enjoyed and frustrate. Creating Virbrant and varied worlds and experiences to enjoy.


As well as mindless fun, we want to create games that also educate those young minds to help shape the future of our great planet.


We don't just want to be just 'another' independent game studio. We have aspiriations to push the boundaries of creativity and gameplay.

our mission

Our missions, should we choose to accept it, is to create a family of games that people love to play and are visually stunning.

Wheelie Hard

"Wheelie Hard"

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Wheelie Hard - is an iOS / Android game where your mission is to keep your wheel up for as long as possible while negotiating various obstacles!
Sounds easy, but actualy it's 'Really Hard'.
Watch out for the turtle, he's cute but doesn't really enjoy being run over.


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