The objective of the game is to travel as far as you can whilst keeping the front wheel off the ground, sounds simple right? but it’s actually 'wheelie hard!'

The main concept for the game is to create something you can play one handed, a casual ‘pick and and play’ style game design for iOS and Android, that would appeal to all ages, quick to learn but difficult to master.

You start out as motorcycle rider, within the first few seconds of gameplay you need to get the front wheel off the ground by repeatedly tapping the screen. Then once off the ground it has to stay there! Gently tapping the screen at the right moment to keep the front wheel bobbing up and down. You can’t let it touch the ground again or BOOM, game over. Too much tapping and BOOM, you flip the bike then game over.

We wanted to ease the player into the gameplay, so the starting levels are straight forward with nothing to scary, so you can get used to the gameplay and get a feel for the motorcycle. Then as you travel further down the road more and more obstacles are placed in your way from small rocks through to elaborate scaffolding structures, bridges and crates.

As you travel further you accumulate scores that unlock various achievements, which in turn unlock additional character bobble heads. You can swap and change bobble heads, riding the motorcycle as a Clown, a Dinosaur or even a Unicorn! The bobble heads are something we really wanted to make a feature of in the game, making it more fun and more personal to the player. So there is a whole character selection screen where you can choose your bobble heads and go for a ride.